Nov 23, 2008

PPC Affiliate Tacktics

Did you already read about how to find 7 secrets of best affiliate program...? sure? ok no problem. Today i would like to inform you about ppc affiliate secrets.

Do you have any doubt in this statement that Internet is a land of opportunities? I do not have any. Because, for many people it is working like the best money making tool.

Affiliate marketing is one such business plan about which you can learn through affiliate marketing tactics. With PPC Affiliate Tactics by your side. You will have all your questions answered... which tools can help you create keyword lists and following on to... how you should construct that perfect high converting campaign ad.

Mos important thing that you have to know about how to discover in the PPC Affiliate Marketing , here that you should know to success in PPC Affiliate program.
  • Should be a good Promoting products, and getting ideas for what the best products are to sell and promote.
  • Should be a good What is PPC Affiliate Marketing exactly? and how does it work.
  • You have to know Where you can find tools to create keyword lists for your pay per click campaigns.
  • Should be understand, about Your PPC marketing budget, and calculating your per visitor value.
  • You have to know, What exactly are landing pages, and the key features you need to use on the landing page.
Finally, learn from the correct person who have success about ppc affiliate marketing and don't be lazy to learn from other resource such ebook PPC Affiliate Tactics.
Hope you will be success one you have read this...GBU

Nov 6, 2008

How to Find the 7 Secrets of Best Affiliate Programs

Thousands and thousands of offers are available online to choose an affiliate program for an internet marketing business. Most of us have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on JUNK. How do you separate the scams and suspects and liars from the real prospects?

Follow these 7 secrets to find the BEST Affiliate Program for you. After you ask these questions, you will need to do your research. Ask the affiliate rep to provide the information you've asked for. The affiliate should be able to provide rock solid proof. If they can't, you should run like the wind. Don't continue, don't look back.
  1. Is the product/service a proven seller? - Is there someone you can talk with that has used the product/service and are they local to you?
  2. Will you get paid- and on time? - Can that affiliate provide proof of payment. You'll need to find out where the payments are generated from ie corporate office, bank the check is issued out of. Again, the affiliate should provide rock solid proof.
  3. What is the refund rate of the program. There are basic industry standards and if you are told near zero, run away.
  4. Will you get paid on additional affiliate sales down the line? You should get paid on all your efforts.
  5. Will you get paid once or every single month. Try to get proof of their payment history to others in the affiliate program.
  6. Will your affiliate commissions continue to grow for an indefinite period of time?
  7. Does the affiliate have a system they recommend for generating leads? If their product or service is legitimate then they should have a system to help you. If that system calls for you to call purchased leads, then run away. Calling most purchased leads is passe. There are better ways.

How to Make Money by Becoming an Affiliate

You have a nice site, it has good quality content, and now you`d like to make some money from it. So, what are the options? We`ll consider here the use of companies who exist to bring advertisers and publishers together.

Perhaps the biggest and best know of all Internet Companies who use an affiliate scheme is Amazon. Affiliates, or Associates as they are termed, use links to Amazon which are tracked, and sales are credited to the Associates account. Amazon provides a full range of banners, widgets, text links etc to help Associates direct business to the Amazon site. That`s good for the Associate, and generates good business for Amazon.

One of the best know Internet marketing companies in the US is Commission Junction, who connect Advertisers and Publishers together for their mutual benefit. Commissions from the many hundreds of Advertisers on their list can range from around 2% right up to 25%, occasionally even higher, dependent on certain factors.

Banners are available, as well as text links, which incorporate the Publisher`s individual codes so that any sales are correctly credited to the right member. Commission Junction collects the commissions from the Advertisers, then once the minimum payout has been reached, the commission is forwarded to the Publisher.

This is how they promote themselves on their website

"Drive quality results and extend your reach by partnering with affiliate marketing's most productive network of publishers."

"Maximize your revenue opportunities by developing sustainable relationships with top-tier advertisers. Perform and get paid for every sale and lead you generate."

Another company which works in a similar manner is Link Connector, though there are a number of companies offering basically the same service.

Publishers place their site(s) with the Marketing Company. They then look through a list of members (Advertisers) who they think might want to advertise through them. Advertisers will look for Publishers with sites that will fit in with the products or services they are selling. So, for example, if you run a site or blog on Home Brewing Kits, you might look for companies selling beer, wine, kitchen products, books on home brewing, along with sites offering some slightly less immediately obvious product lines.

It`s unlikely that an Advertiser would accept your Home Brewing Kit site if he sold Automotive Parts, or Ladies Apparel.

Some Advertisers will take some time to manually approve a new Publisher, others will automatically approve or reject. Bear in mind though it isn't usually in your interest to add links to sites which have no connection to the theme of your own site. Your visitors aren't necessarily people who`ll want to visit their site if it has nothing in common.

Finally, remember that if your site is geared toward a certain geographical audience, say in the US, it would be pointless signing up with an Advertiser who only sells their product or service in the UK.

Used properly affiliate schemes can be very financially rewarding, but do your homework first.